Using Gift Money For Down Payment

You can use a cash gift to pay the down payment on your mortgage. Some lenders, however, require you to use at least some of your own money to make the payment. The exact amount varies by lender.

 · Using Gift Money For a Down Payment. Receiving cash to use towards the down payment for your house is a generous gift. Especially considering that some loans require you to pay at least 20 percent of the purchase price as a down payment. But there are certain requirements that must be met when using a cash gift towards your deposit.

The process of accepting a gift for your down payment isn’t complicated, and by following these simple rules, you can be sure that the underwriter who is reviewing your file will look at it with an approving eye. Write a gift letter. If someone is going to be gifting you money to help you buy a house, you’ll first need a gift letter.

How to Use Gift Equity as a Down Payment. Coming up with the down payment required on some loans can be difficult. There are various ways to obtain the down payment money, one of which is known as "gift equity." Use the following as a guide to understanding what to expect when you plan to use gift equity as a down payment.

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If you’re struggling to pool enough cash for your down payment, a generous relative or friend can help by giving you money. But the money must be a true gift, not a disguised loan, and it must.

Using a personal loan defeats the purpose of the down payment contribution, since the payment is supposed to show that you’re investing some of your money. It raises the question for lenders of whether you’re able to afford the house if you can’t afford the down payment.

Conventional only requires a minimum down payment of 3% to qualify. Check out these tips how to qualify. Lack of down payment funds, the #1 reason people can’t buy a home. As this study below by yahoo real estate confirms, the #1 reason renters can’t buy a home is because they don’t have money for a down payment.

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