Short Sale Home Meaning

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What Is a Short Sale in Real Estate? (+ Definition, Benefits and Drawbacks) G2 No matter what it is that you’re shopping for, it’s always exciting when you get a discount on something you want. After.

Short sale Selling a security that the seller does not own but is committed to repurchasing eventually. It is used to capitalize on an expected decline in the security’s price. Short Sale The sale of borrowed securities. In a short sale, one borrows securities, usually from a brokerage, and sells them.

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Buying a home that is listed as a short sale is a whole different game, meaning that other short sales and bank-owned homes are ignored if.

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A short sale is when the homeowner falls behind on their mortgage. to sell the home but can't because they are upside down on their mortgage, meaning that.

Short Sale: A term that describes the sale of a property for an amount less than the unpaid mortgage.This happens when a borrower cannot afford to keep making mortgage payments and cannot pay the difference between the sale price and the unpaid mortgage.

Short Sale. An agreement between a mortgage borrower in distress and the lender that allows the borrower to sell the house and remit the proceeds to the lender. Ashort sale is an alternative to foreclosure or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. See Payment Problems/Position of the Lender/Permanent Problem. The Mortgage Encyclopedia.

Short Sale Negotiation. Negotiation through the loss mitigation department will be the key factor in getting your new home at a deep discount. If opportunities emerge in which lenders can sell distressed properties without registering big losses, they will do it.

What does Short Sale Mean.? Asked by Deborah Mcnutt, 33825 Sun Sep 30, 2007. There is a home for sale and I have been unable to find out any information on the inter net and the for sale sign has a Short Sale sign on the bottom.

5 days ago. Take an in-depth look at the details of short sales in this 3000+ word article!. the bank may approve a short sale and allow you to sell the home. This is typically known as “REO,” meaning, real estate owned by the lender.