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United Mortgage Fund – Experienced Mortgage Company. We. – After having a few bad experiences during the market crash a few years ago, I was very hesitant to start the refi process. I did a lot of research and eventually spoke to a few different broker/lenders, including United Mortgage Fund.

how can I refinance an underwater mortgage without harp – VA, FHA, USDA and Conventional all have programs where you can refinance without the need for an appraisal.. but you can only go like to like programs.. To advise you properly, we would need to know which type of loan you have now..

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conventional loan home condition requirements Loan Programs – Supreme Lending – A VA loan is a mortgage loan guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. It was created in 1944 and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The HARP Program Guide – – Introduced in March 2009, HARP enables borrowers with little or no equity to refinance into more affordable mortgages without new or additional mortgage insurance.

The mortgage must be owned or guaranteed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. The mortgage must have been sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac on or before May 31, 2009. The mortgage cannot have been refinanced under HARP previously unless it is a fannie mae loan that was refinanced under HARP from March-May, 2009.

HARP Loans | home affordable refinance program | Movement. – Our HARP Loan Rates Are Low & Our Process is Quick & Painless. The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) is a federal program of the United States, set up by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in March 2009, to help underwater and near-underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages.

fha loan process step-by-step 11 must-do’s for the first-time homebuyer – Had it with rentals and roommates and think it’s about time you took advantage of low mortgage rates and became a first-time homebuyer? To make that happy, just follow this simple step-by-step plan.

Do I have to do my underwater HARP Refinance with my current lender? The goal of HARP is simple: The government wants to provide underwater homeowners with the chance to enjoy the low interest rates that are making owning a home more affordable today. To start the HARP process, you must call your current mortgage company. Unlike a traditional mortgage refinancing, HARP only allows you to work with your current.

The main draw of HARP was that the program allowed homeowners whose loan-to-value exceeded 80% to refinance without an increase in their current private mortgage insurance coverage.

Get past the roadblocks of refinancing your mortgage – In fact, according to, 31.4 percent of all homes with a mortgage are “underwater. but have been unable to refinance due to a decline in the value of their home, the Making Home.

fico score needed to buy a house Here’s exactly what it takes to have an excellent credit score – If you have a low credit score, or none at all, buying a house, renting an apartment. but it’s not impossible. The average fico score among Americans reached an all-time high of 704 last spring..getting a mortgage with fair credit Can You Get A Mortgage With Fair Credit? | Mortgage Rates. – Mortgage With fair credit: Yes, It’s Possible. Many people with fair credit think they can’t get a mortgage. After all, those with fair credit are not among the credit score elite – those.

How Often Should You Refinance Your Primary Home Mortgage? – Because I have several properties (primary, rental, vacation/rental, vacation), people ask me all the time how often they should refinance their mortgage. My answer is always, “As many times as it takes to save you money!” I’ve refinanced my primary mortgage four times in seven years and I.